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MemoryPak offers a entirely new concept in creating a personlised keepsake or memorable album in a portable and rechargeable pack. You are able to entirely customise your MemoryPak so it is unique to any of your special occasions. MemoryPak was founded by its sister company VideoPak – a global leading brand in video brochures that work with some of the worlds most famous brands including Hugo Boss, Samsung and Dolce & Gabbana. Due to the success of VideoPak as a business to business product, it has now been made available to you; so you can take advantage of this innovative and sophisticated product to relive your special memories and recapture your memorable moments.

Whilst the product components and internal electronics for MemoryPaks are produced in Hong Kong, the printing, assembly, video content creation and quality control is all completed in Great Britain.

After the electronics are produced they are sent back to the MemoryPak office where we personally put your slideshow of pictures or videos onto your bespoke MemoryPak. Each MemoryPak is individually made with care and therefore it is always unique to you. Once these are created they are sent directly to you or the final recipient by Royal Mail or one of our other trackable courier services. We are of course able to deliver anywhere in the world in a very quick time.

The MemoryPak website was launched in late 2012 and since then we have been looking for ways to improve our product so it can provide the most unique photo album and video viewing experience for you, your family and your friends.

MemoryPak can be used to present a number of different types of occasions including weddings, birthdays, religious festivals, first child memories and many more occasions.

We have a number of highly qualified graphics designers at hand if you would like to make your MemoryPak extra special. We take pride in being a reliable, friendly and trustworthy company and cater to your needs as closely as we possibly can. We are here to offer you a better service so if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us we would appreciate your feedback.

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