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As with any creative technology product, clients often have a whole bunch of questions in their mind about how things work and what are the next steps.  We hope you will find this FAQ section useful.

Please do use the live chat pop-up for any further help or contact us using the ‘contact us’ short web form, alternatively contact us via email hello@memorypak.co.uk

How does MemoryPak work?

MemoryPak uses VideoPak technology.  It is an LCD screen fused into printed paper.

Like most electronic devices, there are various components that work together to bring the packs to life.  At the heart of the pack there is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembled with loads of electronic components and chips.  The Videos / Slideshows live on the Flash memory Chip and the controller Chip acts as the ‘brain’ of the packs and tells the units how to operate.

Connected to the PCB is the LCD screen, the control buttons, the speaker and the Lithium rechargeable battery – all which play their individual part in the operating of the MemoryPak.

There is clever technology built in to turn the packs on and off.  When the packs are closed, the electronic circuit is cut, so the electronics are OFF.  This is because a magnet is over a Hall sensor.  When the pack is opened, the magnet is taken away from the sensor and an instruction is given to power up the electronics and have the pack turn on.

When the pack runs out of charge, you simply connect the MemoryPak to the charger cable provided and charge on your computer for a few hours.  You can also charge using most modern day mobile phone chargers.

How many videos can MemoryPak hold?

Up to 99 separate video files

How long can a slideshow/video be?

The MemoryPak can hold up to 15 minutes of video. This can be continuous or split into video chapters.

Is MemoryPak rechargeable?

MemoryPak is rechargeable. You can connect to a computer using the supplied USB cable or using a mains charger. The pack must be left open whilst charging. Don’t charge for more than 4 hours continuously.

How long does the battery last?

Once charged a MemoryPak will offer around 3 hours of video play time before needing a recharge.

How do you charge MemoryPak?

Each MemoryPak comes with its own USB charger cable. Simply connect one end to the MemoryPak and the other to your computer.

You can also charge using most modern day mobile phone chargers.


Can MemoryPak be gift-wrapped?

Unfortunately we do not offer a gift wrap service currently

How long does it take to make a MemoryPak?

This can vary depending on the quantity you are ordering and the type of MemoryPak. We can give you a better indication of the time scale once you have placed your order. It can take anything from 10 – 30 days. Please refer to the “lead times” page on the website for a more detailed breakdown. If you have any specific requirements we will endeavour to cater to them as closely as possible.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can order?

There is no maximum or minimum order quantity.

What payment methods do you accept?

MemoryPak accepts credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Can I buy a gift voucher for MemoryPak?

A MemoryPak gift voucher is available. Please contact hello@memorypak.co.uk.


What is the material used to make MemoryPak?

MemoryPak is printed on +/- 300 gsm board

What is the warranty on MemoryPak?

MemoryPak has a 3 month warranty.

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