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What is MemoryPak?


Emma & Cel MemoryPak

MemoryPak is a high quality, sophisticated digital photo album that plays back video footage in vibrant colour and lively sound. Your photos are created into a slide show with your chosen music playing in the background. Alternatively you can have a full length video on your MemoryPak.

The outer packaging is printed with your design so it is 100% unique to you. It has a automatic start and stop technology and is designed to help you recapture, relive and reminisce your happy memories and bring them to life in crisp, bright and clear video using a high quality LCD screen. The LCD screen is cleverly embedded into the packaging using state of the art VideoPak(r) technology.

MemoryPak is a personal keepsake that is convenient, small, light and portable to take anywhere. As it is rechargeable, it can be enjoyed to help you relive memories of special occasions over and over again.

In short, MemoryPak is a personalised keepsake and unique product. It can be used for any occasion including -weddings, birthdays, christenings, memorable days, anniversaries and many more. A variety of options are available to suit all budgets including a touch screen feature. MemoryPak is the ultimate keepsake.

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Memories never fade with MemoryPak. 


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